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Emerald Express 2016. No.6
A crap week in the parish

A bad week in the parish (to steal a phrase from Mr Conway). So bad in fact, if it were a real parish, the Priest would have eloped with the married Organist, the choir would have been exposed as a suburban swingers ring and gougers would have made off with the entire proceeds of the church restoration fund! Grounds for a full on Reformation I say. What is needed is an overweight ginga with a bad temper and an itchy axe finger. That’ll learn em!
The Saturday lads went overseas to Cadbury Island (choc full of fruits and nuts) to play Waiheke. The ressies were up first and were on the receiving end of a 6-3 defeat. High point being a proper hat-trick (as in not against a special school old boys eleven) by Julinho, the down side was net custodian and football purist Craig Waddingham conceding a penalty and booting a goal kick at the referee who turned in one fluid motion and brandished the red card. Needless to say the punt missed the ref and sailed out for a thrown in. On the full! So young Craig is $100 worse off this week. Let’s hope his current tattoo isn’t inked in instalments as he will have a hard time explaining why THE S_ _ _ _S isn’t a repressed admiration for The Smurfs!

Firsts up next and the woe continued with a 1-0 reverse in a tight game. A goal against the run of play in the first half ushered in a second half of long ball hoofing to no avail. I can just imagine the face on SNP apologist Durno as the latest through ball sailed over his head at altitude. What this week will bring is a mystery!!

On to Sundays and SB1’s faced Inter at BMK in a league match. Those of you with excellent memories will recall a 3-1 spanking in the cup two weeks ago so a 4-5-1 formation was used to counter their dominance in midfield. The game was largely even with Inter playing the more attractive football but Bohs having an equal amount of decent chances. Inter scored with 15 minutes left and try as we might the equaliser wouldn’t come. So a dent in the title chances but not the kicking we got from them in the cup.

On to Sexy Bohs and the malady continued with a 2-1 defeat to Kingsland who they mullered 7-1 only seven days previously. The camp descended into chaos with bitter recriminations over transport arrangements, sub-par performances due to writers cramp from aspiring journalists and betting scandals. Barry O Halloran faces the first true test of his leadership this week but right on cue the cavalry is appearing over the hill in the shape of famous international playboy Yuki Yuan fresh from Yakuza boot camp and raring to go. Watch out Sud America!

Now on to the Player Profile and to cheer us all up we have the singular thoughts of Mr Noel Gallagher who was worried about answering hard questions since “I only went to school because that’s where the bus stopped”

Name: Noel Gallagher
Nickname: Noelie
Years at Bohs: 2
Fave team: Celtic
Fave Player: Henrik Larsson
Fave Player at Bohs: The Rt Reverend Kevin O Herlihy. Either he’s real good or the rest of us are useless. Realistically I’d go with the latter
Most Hated Team: Chinese Star – they tried to steal Yuki Yuan for a fee of a box of Lion Red and twenty JPS blues. It didn’t work, he is loyal to Sexy Bohos!
Most hated player: Barry O Halloran cos he left me behind one day as his ego got the better of him
Funniest Moment in football: The time Phil Babb hit his nuts off the post. I watch it the odd time to lift morale.
Funniest Bohs Moment: Defo the time Stevie Hunter got roasted by a Chinese player 50kg heavier than him but fair play to him if it was me I would have retired but he came back this year and got roasted by the same boy again! I’ll give it to him, he’s got character!!!!!
Ambition for the Season: I’d like to see under fire manager Barry O Halloran sign Liam McCann as our Goalkeeper Mad Dog Tyrell is having more stinkers on the field than he’s doing off it!!!!
Toodle Pip!
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Fixtures for this Weekend

Saturday Conference and Ressies - 28th May

Sat Ressies VS Lynn Avon AFC Reserves KO 12.15PM Ken Maunder
Sat Conference VS Lynn Avon AFC KO 2.45PM Ken Maunder

Sunday Premier and Chamiponship - 29th May

Sun Prem vs University of Auckland KO 4.00pm BMK
Sun Champ vs SudAmerica KO 2.00pm BMK

Good Luck :)


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Training for Week

All Men's Teams

Wednesday 25th
Time - 6.00pm
Place - BMK


Bohs Celtic
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Training for Week

All Men's Teams

Wednesday 18th
Time - 6.00pm
Place - BMK


Bohs Celtic
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#ChathamCup FT BohsCeltic CL 1-5 Waitemata #Bohs ... See MoreSee Less

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Mens Teams

The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Men's Team play in the AFF / NFF Mens Conference Division.

Thomas McLoughlin

Player / Coach

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The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Men's Reserves play in the AFF / NFF Mens Conference Reserve Division.

Mickey Long

Player / Coach

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The Bohemian Celtic Sunday Men's First Team play in the ASFA Premier Division.

Richard O'Hanlon

Player / Coach

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The Bohemian Celtic Sunday Men's Second Team play in the ASFA Division 2.


Player / Coach

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Ladies Team

The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Ladies Team play in the TBA Division



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Below are the clubs honours and major events:

Bohemian Celtic was founded in 1995

Bohemian Celtic Men's First Team ASFA (SUNDAY)

1995 Div 2 Champions & Plate Winners
1996 Div 1 2nd Place & Plate Runners Up
1997 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
1998 Div 1 2nd place & Plate Winners
1999 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2000 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2001 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2002 Div 1 Champions & Cup Runners up
2003 Div 1 4th Place & Plate Runners up
2004 Div 1 Champions & Plate Semi-Finals
2005 Div 1 3rd Place & Cup Q/finals
2006 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2007 Div 1 Champions & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2009 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2010 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Winners
2011 Div 1 Champions & Cup Semi-Finals


Bohemian Celtic Men's Second Team ASFA (Sunday)

2002 Div 2 3rd Place & Cup Q/Finals
2003 Div 2 6th Place & Plate Semi Finals
2004 Div 2 7th Place & Plate Q/Finals
2005 Div 2 Champions & Plate Runners Up
2006 Div 2 4th Place & Plate Semi Finals
2007 Div 2 3rd Place & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 2 3rd Place & Plate Q/Finals
2009 Div 2 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2010 Div 1 6th Place & Plate Rd 2
2011 Div 1 5th Place & Cup Q/Finals


Bohemian Celtic Men's Third Team ASFA (Sunday)

2007 Div 5 Champions & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 4 3rd Place & Plate Q/Finals
2009 Div 4 Runners Up & Cup Semi Finals
2010 Div 3 3rd Place & Cup Rd 2
2011 Div 3 4th Place & Plate Rd 2


Bohemian Celtic Men's Fourth Team ASFA (Sunday)

2009 Div 5 2nd Place & Plate Rd 1
2010 Div 5 2nd Place & Plate Rd 2


Bohemian Celtic Ladies First Team AFF

2005 Div 5 Champions
2006 Div 4 Runners Up
2007 Div 3 7th Place
2008 Div 3 Runners Up
2009 Div 3 3rd Place
2010 Div 2 Champions
2011 Div 1 8th Place


Bohemian Celtic Ladies Second Team AFF

2007 Div 4 7th Place
2008 Div 4 6th Place
2009 Div 4 6th Place
2010 Div 3 10th Place
2011 Div 3 10th Place



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Bohemian Celtic teams play out of  both Bill Mckinlay Park and Colin Maiden Park both in Panmure, Auckland.

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