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Emerald Express Season 2016
Cranky Bohs 2

Hello, good evening and welcome to another weekly missive on the mighty Bohemian Celtic.
Loads to review this week with league and Chatham Cup action over the weekend with the usual (and somewhat unusual) talking points.
The Ressies started off the weekend away at SARS. What’s the difference between South Auckland Rangers and SARS? One is something contagiously annoying that infects a whole area for the worse, negatively affects visitors and could generally do with being eradicated from the planet, the other is a flu like malaise from the Orient.
Needless to say, words were spoken pre-game about what to expect based on previous visits but it’s hard to play against that level of inbred shitehawkery (yes that is a word). The Ressies did extremely well to earn a 2-2 draw under arduous circumstances with Micky Persil and aerial threat Micky Long on target for us.
The firsts replicated last week by going in front (2-0) this week before being pegged back to 2-1 before the break. With the wind and slope against us in the 2nd half we were under the cosh for most of it as SARS equalised. We went in front again via a penalty but conceded a penalty ourselves to end up 3-3. A good point but other results see us 5 off the top and 4 off second. A must win looms vs Clendon.
On to the cup and the firsts got off to a good start going 2-0 up against Northern Utd. Again we made life difficult by getting pegged back but rode out the storm to eventually win 5-2 and earn a tricky home tie vs old foes Waitemata (complete with their Inter City Bus Pass Firm)
Sunday Bohs faced a harder tie against Conference outfit Warkworth. The first half was dead even but Bohs conceded a soft goal from a corner to end the half 0-1 down. The second half continued in the same vein but unfortunately young Will sliced acrobatically into his own net to increase the opposition margin (“William, it was really two nothing”) Bohs pushed for parity but conceded on the break before Steff popped up with a consolation. Final score 1-3.
It wouldn’t be fair to conclude matters without reference to CB2 (Cranky Bohs 2). Tired of being international men of mystery around the club they not only have been seen training but decided to earn their livings as footballers of fortune over the weekend like some irate version of the A Team. Let’s see how this panned out
• Ryan McLernon ( Saturday Ressies) -Sent off, professional foul
• Rt Reverand Kevin O Herlihy (Sunday, Chatham Cup) - Sent off- Violent Conduct
• Aidan Quirke (Saturday Ressies) - Sent off , Violent Conduct
I think there may have been a booking in there somewhere too!!!
So an exclusive offer to Sparks, Micky and Ritchie, if you feel that your lads are a tad unfit and could do with the extra workload that comes with playing with ten or even nine men, direct your enquires to Barry O Halloran, Cranky Bohs 2, The Munster (VIP Section) Auckland.

On to our Player Profile and this week it’s financial guru and long time Bohs man Gav (la) Murphy.
Name: Gavin Murphy
Nickname: Gavlar
Born: Dublin
Time at Bohs: 5 years
Position: Debt Collector, Water Boy, occasional right back when enough people are injured (or banned!!!!)
Fave team: Bohs, Arsenal and Leicester if they win the league
Most hated team: 1)Zamantix deuce after they cheated us out of the double in 2014 by surely bribing the ref into allowing 2 dubious goals and 10 mins extra time in their comeback from 0-3 down in the last game of the season. The point won them the title on goal difference, jerks. 2) Sp*rs
Most hated player: Anyone from Zamantix Deuce or anyone who played for Sp*rs, Manure or Chelsea.
Best thing seen in football: THE INVINCIBLES. Robbie Keane equalising vs Germany in WC 2002. Sexy Bohs 2 last minute winner in ASFA Cup Semi final (cue carnage and I sprained my wrist in the pile on) Winning the cup was pretty good too.
Fave Bohs moment: Starting a 22 man brawl against Sud America with my infamous “punch” it was a punch and I’ll slap anyone who says otherwise, winning the inaugural “Gavin Murphy Dick of the Year award and leading Sexy Bohs 2 to ASFA cup triumph
Funniest Bohs moment: Kicking a water bottle after the Sud America brawl that hit Paul Keary in the face, Shane Tracey running into said brawl swinging a brolly shouting “Nobody hits my Brother” and Dave o Hea trying to kick off in a match he wasn’t starting (he puked, came on, scored twice, puked again and won man of the match!)
Fave Bohs player: Alan De la Hunty – The legend is that he was Bohs best ever left back but nobody has actually seen him play
Ambition for Bohs in 2016: To spend less than 5 hours a week chasing people for fees and fines, to buy a fur coat with the fee s and fines money, stay injury free.
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4 days ago

Fixtures for this Weekend

Saturday First and Reserves - 30th April

Sat Conference vs Clendon UTD AFC KO 2.45pm Mountfort Park 1
Sat Reserves vs Clendon UTD AFC Reserves KO 12.15pm Mountfort Park 1

Sunday Premier and Chamiponship 2 - 1st March

Sun Prem vs Volcanoes KO 2.00PM BMK
Sun Champ vs City Fringe FC 12.00pm Colin Maiden Park 3

Good Luck to all teams.

Cheers Bohs
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4 days ago

Training for Week

All Men's Teams

Wednesday 27th
Time - 6.00pm
Place - BMK


Bohs Celtic
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BohsASFA 1-3 Warkworth #ChathamCup #Bohsceltic #goal ... See MoreSee Less

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Mens Teams

The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Men's Team play in the AFF / NFF Mens Conference Division.

Thomas McLoughlin

Player / Coach

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The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Men's Reserves play in the AFF / NFF Mens Conference Reserve Division.

Mickey Long

Player / Coach

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The Bohemian Celtic Sunday Men's First Team play in the ASFA Premier Division.

Richard O'Hanlon

Player / Coach

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The Bohemian Celtic Sunday Men's Second Team play in the ASFA Division 2.


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Ladies Team

The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Ladies Team play in the TBA Division



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Below are the clubs honours and major events:

Bohemian Celtic was founded in 1995

Bohemian Celtic Men's First Team ASFA (SUNDAY)

1995 Div 2 Champions & Plate Winners
1996 Div 1 2nd Place & Plate Runners Up
1997 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
1998 Div 1 2nd place & Plate Winners
1999 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2000 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2001 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2002 Div 1 Champions & Cup Runners up
2003 Div 1 4th Place & Plate Runners up
2004 Div 1 Champions & Plate Semi-Finals
2005 Div 1 3rd Place & Cup Q/finals
2006 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2007 Div 1 Champions & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2009 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2010 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Winners
2011 Div 1 Champions & Cup Semi-Finals


Bohemian Celtic Men's Second Team ASFA (Sunday)

2002 Div 2 3rd Place & Cup Q/Finals
2003 Div 2 6th Place & Plate Semi Finals
2004 Div 2 7th Place & Plate Q/Finals
2005 Div 2 Champions & Plate Runners Up
2006 Div 2 4th Place & Plate Semi Finals
2007 Div 2 3rd Place & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 2 3rd Place & Plate Q/Finals
2009 Div 2 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2010 Div 1 6th Place & Plate Rd 2
2011 Div 1 5th Place & Cup Q/Finals


Bohemian Celtic Men's Third Team ASFA (Sunday)

2007 Div 5 Champions & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 4 3rd Place & Plate Q/Finals
2009 Div 4 Runners Up & Cup Semi Finals
2010 Div 3 3rd Place & Cup Rd 2
2011 Div 3 4th Place & Plate Rd 2


Bohemian Celtic Men's Fourth Team ASFA (Sunday)

2009 Div 5 2nd Place & Plate Rd 1
2010 Div 5 2nd Place & Plate Rd 2


Bohemian Celtic Ladies First Team AFF

2005 Div 5 Champions
2006 Div 4 Runners Up
2007 Div 3 7th Place
2008 Div 3 Runners Up
2009 Div 3 3rd Place
2010 Div 2 Champions
2011 Div 1 8th Place


Bohemian Celtic Ladies Second Team AFF

2007 Div 4 7th Place
2008 Div 4 6th Place
2009 Div 4 6th Place
2010 Div 3 10th Place
2011 Div 3 10th Place



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Bohemian Celtic teams play out of  both Bill Mckinlay Park and Colin Maiden Park both in Panmure, Auckland.

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