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We welcome new players and club members.


News and Upcoming Events

ALL PLAYERS that wish to play on Saturday teams next season need an International Transfer Clearance.

This can take some time so to ensure that you are cleared and ready to play at the start of the season I need the below information emailed to me ASAP -

Players Name -
Player Email Address -
Players Former Club (Name and Country) -
Players Scanned Passport -

I would like to send all this information by the end of this month so please email the information to bohsceltic@hotmail.com
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3 days ago

Fixtures for this Weekend

Saturday Conference and Ressies - 20th Aug

Sat Ressies VS Lynn Avon AFC Reserves KO 2.00PM BMK
Sat Conference VS Lynn Avon AFC KO 4.30PM BMK
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2 months ago


No better reason to have a Bohs Club Day, here's all you need to know -

Conor McGregor VS Nate Diaz

Place - Doolan Brothers Newmarket
Time - 2.00pm (have some dinner and drinks before the fight)

Who will be the last man standing this time round? I am not referring to Sparky & Liamo ;)


See you all Sunday

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2 months ago

Hi Ladies & Gents,

It's time to cancel all commitments you have for Sunday 14th as we have a big Derby match in BMK.

Why not make a day of it and head down to cheer on the Sexy Bohs fight to win their league a get a well-deserved promotion to Prem next season.

We also have Sun Prem boys looking to fight for a spot in the top 3 in their league.

Let's end the season for the Sunday boys with a big crowd and support both teams, times to be confirmed as we are looking to get the Sexy Bohs at 12pm and Prem Bohs at 2pm leaves lots of time to enjoy the celebrations.

Will we have 2 Prem Teams Next Year? BIG DAY FOR SEXY BOHS!!!


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2 months ago

Emerald Express 2016 No.13
In the absence of any football…….
I figured a really late edition of the Express would sate your Saturday craving for an ample (I love that word) dollop of Bohsishness, which is a flowery way of saying that painting and half term child minding has made me later than a Ciaran Voyles interception (3 lines in and already a yesteryear reference that will leave most folk scratching their heads)
Anyhoo, The Ressies lost, Craig Whymark’ Waddingham’s “streak” ended on a magnificent “1” Peter Devlin scored and Beachlands Mareitai snaffled the three points.
The firsts went next and continued their late season push with a 3-1 win. Who says changing your manager doesn’t make a difference (well I do for starters!) No idea who grabbed the goals but well done whoever you are (especially if it was a hat-trick of direct free kicks from Tommy).
On to Sundays (I actually just had a real typo and put “Sungays” I wonder if it will stick) and another proverbial cup final vs Zamantix. They are also in the 4 way dance for the title that involves Patriot, Us and Interdependiente. The game was exactly as predicted as Zamanix proved hard to break down without ever really threatening apart from one hit from distance that rattled the bar. The game was settled by Aidan Tracey who is our very own “box or box” midfielder. Fed up of harassing Conrad in his ”defensive” role he thought a spell up top cramming Darren Mynes style would make a nice change of scenery. So after a spot of pinball in the Zams box, some falling around, shouts for penalties and free kicks, Aidan toe poked in the winner mid-way through the second half. 1-0 to us and in the hunt we stay.
Sexy Bohs 2 kept up their title charge with a 5-1 win. No idea what happened there but since the SB2 soap opera already involves managerial/player spats, missed lifts, players leaving, players staying, players leaving who said they were staying, players staying who said they were leaving, love sick net minders and pretend condoms I think adding football based information may be over egging the pudding.
That happens to be a fitting Segway into this weeks’ Player Profile and after last weeks’ oafishness where no one was approached this week we have a Double Header! Yes two Player profiles and first up it is the perennially beleaguered boss of SB2 Barry O Halloran with a right of reply to some of the more “out there” statements made in this august publication over the past few issues.

Name: Barry O Halloran
Nickname: Baz/Gaffer/Triple B (I’m sure I have heard others)
DOB: 31/03/87 I’m not even 30 Ryan McLernon!
Place of birth: Cork, Ireland
Position: Defender with a wandering eye for a mazy dribble or long range strike
Favourite Team: Plastic fan of the highest order so whoever is winning titles (I’m saying nothing!) or has the nicest kit, preferably a nice tight stylish white one, I love them ones!
Favourite Player: The one and only Andy Impey
Most hated team: Liverpool – Only because their fans are absolute poison to listen to and take up my homepage on facebook talking toilet!
Most hated player – Arjen Robben, forever diving and Dutch. If you take into consideration he is also bald it seems like he has nothing going for him except the odd mil in the bank.. but our own Ronan Tyrell is good for the odd monkey these days now he is top seller of pallet jacks in the North Island.
Best thing seen in football: Liverpool comeback vs Milan had my arse up off the couch which is an achievement any man will tell you.
Funniest thing seen in football: Watching Mick King and Rodrigo come to blows over taking a free kick and Roddy banged it in the top corner- Quality!
Funniest Bohs moment: Watching Noel Gallagher take off from BMK in the back of Fan Hanrahan’s car after losing the game for us because of tardiness for the team bus and walking into the dressing room to tell the team that our 2 diamonds in the rough Kev “headbutt” herlihy and Noel “top jockey” Gallagher weren’t coming to our cup final. Despite my best efforts players still thought I was joking at HT and that they may not actually be in the Munster and that it was a sick joke.
Favourite Bohs Player: Samuel “Blood Diamond” Ekundayo –Commits to the tackle, pays his fines afterwards, not afraid to speak his mind and Stiofain Hunter – This mans body will not relent and fall victim to father time. He is constantly putting things in place to grow and develop as a player as well as reaching peak performance as an older athlete (proper diet, correct amount of sleep, hydro pool sessions, and loves to abuse his students at school which is right up my alley. All round top fellow.
Ambition: SB2 winning the league and a final week round robin tourney where all the Bohs Teams play each other.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we close out this edition with the thoughts of Sunday ones utility player and weekday traffic hazard Gillon Peron!

Name” Gillon Peron
Nickname: I’ve been trying to get “The Doctor” off the ground but it’s not getting much traction. Less so now that we have an actual doctor playing for us! (what about The Locum)?
Born: London Town
Years at Bohs:3
Position: Depends on who is injured!
Fave Team: Hibs
Fave Player: Got to be Zidane
Most hated team: They don’t exist anymore but you may remember them, they used to go by Glasgow Rangers
Most hated player: Hate is a strong word, but without a shadow of a doubt, Matt from Inter
Best thing seen in football: Hibs winning the Scottish Cup after a century hiatus
Fave Bohs moment: Remember when we beat the 1st team? I think I put in a 90 second shift that day.
Funniest Bohs moment: Got to be my absolute screamer of an OG and the look on Dave maloneys face as it looped over his head from the edge of the box.
Fave player at Bohs: Tough question but I’d have to say Boysenberry. Him and his mustard yellow roll neck and matching Cuban heels can’t be beat.
Ambition for the club: Sunday Bohs getting this league won.

Toodle Pip!
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3 months ago


Play on Saturdays or Sundays

Mens Teams

The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Men's Team play in the AFF / NFF Mens Conference Division.

Thomas McLoughlin

Player / Coach

Mobile: Email:

The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Men's Reserves play in the AFF / NFF Mens Conference Reserve Division.

Mickey Long

Player / Coach

Mobile: Email:

The Bohemian Celtic Sunday Men's First Team play in the ASFA Premier Division.

Richard O'Hanlon

Player / Coach

Mobile: Email:

The Bohemian Celtic Sunday Men's Second Team play in the ASFA Division 2.


Player / Coach

Mobile: Email:

Ladies Team

The Bohemian Celtic Saturday Ladies Team play in the TBA Division



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Below are the clubs honours and major events:

Bohemian Celtic was founded in 1995

Bohemian Celtic Men's First Team ASFA (SUNDAY)

1995 Div 2 Champions & Plate Winners
1996 Div 1 2nd Place & Plate Runners Up
1997 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
1998 Div 1 2nd place & Plate Winners
1999 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2000 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2001 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2002 Div 1 Champions & Cup Runners up
2003 Div 1 4th Place & Plate Runners up
2004 Div 1 Champions & Plate Semi-Finals
2005 Div 1 3rd Place & Cup Q/finals
2006 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2007 Div 1 Champions & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2009 Div 1 Champions & Cup Winners
2010 Div 1 2nd Place & Cup Winners
2011 Div 1 Champions & Cup Semi-Finals


Bohemian Celtic Men's Second Team ASFA (Sunday)

2002 Div 2 3rd Place & Cup Q/Finals
2003 Div 2 6th Place & Plate Semi Finals
2004 Div 2 7th Place & Plate Q/Finals
2005 Div 2 Champions & Plate Runners Up
2006 Div 2 4th Place & Plate Semi Finals
2007 Div 2 3rd Place & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 2 3rd Place & Plate Q/Finals
2009 Div 2 2nd Place & Cup Runners Up
2010 Div 1 6th Place & Plate Rd 2
2011 Div 1 5th Place & Cup Q/Finals


Bohemian Celtic Men's Third Team ASFA (Sunday)

2007 Div 5 Champions & Cup Q/Finals
2008 Div 4 3rd Place & Plate Q/Finals
2009 Div 4 Runners Up & Cup Semi Finals
2010 Div 3 3rd Place & Cup Rd 2
2011 Div 3 4th Place & Plate Rd 2


Bohemian Celtic Men's Fourth Team ASFA (Sunday)

2009 Div 5 2nd Place & Plate Rd 1
2010 Div 5 2nd Place & Plate Rd 2


Bohemian Celtic Ladies First Team AFF

2005 Div 5 Champions
2006 Div 4 Runners Up
2007 Div 3 7th Place
2008 Div 3 Runners Up
2009 Div 3 3rd Place
2010 Div 2 Champions
2011 Div 1 8th Place


Bohemian Celtic Ladies Second Team AFF

2007 Div 4 7th Place
2008 Div 4 6th Place
2009 Div 4 6th Place
2010 Div 3 10th Place
2011 Div 3 10th Place



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If you'd like to play with us or get involved with the club enter your email address below and we'll get in touch. Alternatively join our group on Facebook or follow us Twitter.

Pitch Location

Home Pitches

Bohemian Celtic teams play out of  both Bill Mckinlay Park and Colin Maiden Park both in Panmure, Auckland.

Committee and Managers